I Am Pleased to Announce:

My film short 

"50 Shades of Graying"

will be screened at 
CineKink, NYC, 2014

Thursday, Febuary 27 @9:00 pm 

Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue & 2nd St. NYC

CineKink, NYC 
 Tuesday, February 25th through Sunday, March 2

For complete schedule of events CLICK HERE.



New Year ... 2014

Happy Healthy New Year to All.

I am done with traveling for awhile.
I look forward to seeing old friends and new once more.


A very thoughtful note BUT

I do believe this "Kind Remark", although stated with good intentions, well, a remark such as this ( big gorgeous round booootaaay!!!will most surely require behavior modification with a leather strap.
 "September, 2013".
That was my first time that I ever role-played so I was extremely nervous but you have such a soothing voice and a warm and friendly personality. 
You seem so natural, so at ease. You are an excellent spanker!! You know how to spank just right. 
You are a beautiful lady inside and out and you have a big gorgeous round booootaaay!!!! :-)  Thank You So Much! You gave me an wonderful experience that I will never forget.
I hope to see you soon"



A NEW Spanking Story for July..

Thank you Stv..

CLICK HERE for story..



Did you miss Radio Show?

If you missed my guest appearance on The Kelly Payne XXX radio show
You can still hear the recording...
On the left side of screen, you will see  PORNSTAR RADIO
Click KELLY PAYNE - MAY 27.2013 


Naughty Dani, in Atlantic City

                           "Boardwalk Badness Weekend"  
                                  Atlantic City, NJ, 2013.
                                 What fun to have a video shoot with Naughty Dani
                                                 in the privacy of my room.


BBW.. Boardwalk Badness Weekend..

                                        "Boardwalk Badness Weekend"  
                                      Atlantic City, NJ.
                                                          WHAT A BLAST... 
                                It was my first time attending, it won't be my last... 
                                               The organizers, are outstanding. 
                           Always a "Hello" , How are you doing?, Are you having fun?
                               The participants, friendly, outgoing, wonderful people. 
                                             Thank you All for an unforgetable time... 

That's Me, Mrs.G aka HydroMadam

Taking a walk on a cloudy morning.

The entrance to the Taj Mahal Casino to the left.
The entrance to the Steel Pier to the right.

Under the Steel Pier. It was beautiful & eerie.
The sound of the waves, the beach totally empty.
I love this picture. Click on it to make larger.