READY, SET, Pants / Panties down

NOW, come lie across my lap...
No whimpering, and NO complaints...
you are here because you need discipline, 
behavior modification,
a good hard spanking..

let's begin...


Summer is almost over...

Hi Everyone,
I hope you're having a wonderful summer.
As for me, it's time to get my studio ready for Fall & Winter.
I'm oiling up  wooden paddles, sorting out my wooden hair brushes,
and today, I will go shopping for a new OTK chair.
What a happy time preparation is.
I plan to make new spanking videos.
Here is a link to video clips, past.


This Summer...2015

Last Summer I was dashing around Manhattan staying at exciting hotels.

This Summer, I will be in Brooklyn.

I have a space in a private, safe, quiet apartment.
The building is located in a lovely tree lined neighborhood called Park Slope.
Street parking is available.

The long winter gave you plenty of time to be naughty.
Now it's time for your comeuppance.

Yes, this is Brooklyn.