Spanking Stories

Thank you "D"

I'm a young man, upper teens, and you are my kinky auntie I am staying with.  You have begun disciplining me on occasion, though you have been very easy and allowed me modesty and always spanked me over my pajamas or boxers.  You've noticed that I've gotten an erection the last couple of times you've spanked me, which I've desperately tried to hide.  An erection means i'm really desperate for the discipline, in your opinion.  You also greatly enjoy spanking me, and it gives you a thrill to think that I get an erection and that I'm so embarrassed by it. You are dying to get an excuse to really let me have it, turn my bottom bright red and cover it in welts all the while taking every advantage to really explore between my cheeks - the ultimate embarrassment.  Punishments, you believe, should be painful, of course, but also...extremely embarrassing.

You are very private and have repeatedly warned me about violating your privacy. You caught me last week in your room looking in a drawer.  You immediately fetched a belt from your closet, ordered me to drop my pants and bend over the bed, and gave me a severe strapping over my boxer shorts.  You could see my penis was hard before I bent over, so you made me stand in front of you, hands on my head, while you lectured me about privacy.  You promised the next time I violated your privacy like that, you would punish me extremely severely, and that it would be on my bare bottom.

Today you discovered that I was in your room, on your computer and was looking at embarrassing photos you have of yourself where you are partially naked.  You are very angry.  You are glad to get your chance to really burn my bottom, but you are also really upset with me and want to make sure I am punished severely enough to never do it again.  You know from the computer history.  When I come home, you sit me down and confront me.  I lie at first, and you slap me across the face.  You yell at me that I am really in for it, and that I had better fess up right away.  I am already going to be spanked, whipped, paddled and caned till my bottom is raw, and if I don't fess up, you won't stop till my both my cheeks are bloody.  I admit what I did.  We sit down and discuss what I've done and why.  I admit I need to be punished and that I have fantasized about it.  You tell me you have fantasized about punishing me, and that while you are going to enjoy it, the punishment will be very real.  You also tell me that because I violated your privacy so badly, you are going to take away mine.  I will have to earn my privacy back.  I ask what you mean by that, and you tell me I will find out exactly what you meant tonight, but that you are going to become intimately familiar with my most private parts, moments and thoughts.  I hadn't expected that.  I protest that it's bad enough that you are going to punish my bottom so harshly, and that I'm a grown man and you shouldn't be seeing my privates.  I have some nerve, you tell me, to think I deserve privacy when I didn't respect yours.  I clearly have a lot to learn tonight and you have your work cut out for you.

You have already fetched the instruments for my punishment.  you point to table where there is a paddle, belt, hairbrush and cane.  Also, there is some cream on the table.  I'm not sure what that is for....

You tell me to stand up and take off my cloths.  I strip to my tighty whities and you can see an erection.   I am embarrassed to take off my underpants and resist - having you see my hard penis is mortifying. You are fed up.  You stand up and rip them down.  You take my erection in your left hand and begin spanking me - I am in shock at having your hands on these parts, and how much it hurts without fabric protecting my soft skin.

You explain to me that having you see my hard penis should be the least of my worries, and that the state of my bottom in a couple of hours should be my main concern.  Further, I would be quickly getting used to you seeing my intimates.  It will get much worse than just my penis.

I argue a bit and you realize you had better strip me of any dignity early.  You tell me that you want me to keep my penis hard during my whole punishment because you know how much it embarasses me, but that i had better not ejaculate or you would double my punishment. You tell me to sit down next to you.  You take my penis in your hand and examine it along with my testicles.  Then you spank it.  I try to stop you, but you slap me and tell me to take my punishment and that you are going to be spanking all of my privates, including my bottom hole.  I can't believe it.  Having you see my spread bottom is the most embarrassing thing I can think of.  

Reminding me to keep my penis hard, you pull me over your knee.  I blush as it hits your thigh.  I clench my cheeks in a last effort at modesty, but you quickly make me pull my legs apart.  I can feel my cheeks spread and i know you can see my little hole.  You pull apart my cheeks.  You have been waiting for this moment and you admire my clean, cute little hole.  you run your fingers over it as I gasp.  You tell me how what a nice little hole I have, and that you are going to get to know it very well.  You spank me.  reminding me just how little privacy I have by grabbing my penis to make sure it is hard and pushing on my bottom hole.

When you are done, you tell me to get on my hands and knees and present my bottom for ten with the paddle.  You push on my back, making me arch it, so my bottom is nice and spread.  I remark that this is so embarrassing.  You push my head down and tell me to spread my cheeks.  Miss! I scream.  I won't do it.  You take the paddle, reach your arm around my waist, taking hold of my penis, and give me three hard ones.  You tell me you aren't going to start counting until you've thoroughly examined my bottom, inside and out.  I relent, fall on my shoulders, reach my hands back and spread my cheeks for you.  You closely examine me, admiring my perfect little bottom hole, forcing me to pucker it and spread it wide while you prod it and even put your finger in it.  When your finger enters, I am shocked and pull away a bit, but you tell me to keep my bottom presented and my whole spread.

The punishment proceeds, and you make it clear to me that my most intimate parts are going to be prodded and pulled to your pleasing.  You realize that a light rub of my rectum causes my penis to swell, so you use this to your advantage to make sure I am hard during my punishment.  I spend alot of time with my bottom high in the air being punished while you can see my spread bottom hole, balls dangling and hard penis.  You pull my penis from behind during the punishment.  You are very tough on me and do not tolerate disobedience during the punishment.  You aren't afraid to give me extra strokes or even start over because I refuse to get back into position or curse.

You put  me in every embarrassing position I can imagine, my butt in the air with my legs apart, my butt in the air, legs closed but with my hard penis tucked so you can see it while you punish me, my legs pulled back while over your knee. You aren't afraid to grab onto my penis if I am moving too much, and your finger finds its way into my hole when it pleases you.

Finally, with my bottom a red, welted a mess, and my dignity in tatters, and I think it can't get any worse, you inform me that we are going to the bathroom and you will be giving me an enema so I fully understand what it is like to have no privacy.  every body function is your domain and under your control...

A new story, July 2013

Thank you, Stv.

As Jean stripped down to her panties, and as I tied her to the weight bench I explained, “Jean three weeks ago just before we were going to make love you told me that you had been a bad girl. A moment later I asked what happened to bad girls, and you said, “They get spanked.” I asked if you should get your spanking before we make love, and you said, “It will be a lot more fun if I do”.  I spanked every inch of your bottom hard three times with my hand. I bent you over my weight machine, spanked you again, and said in frustration, “I wish I had something that would get your attention.” You said, “You could use your belt.” I got my inch and a half wide eighth inch thick leather belt from the closet and whipped your ass six times as hard as I could. You rubbed your bottom with both hands all the way to the bedroom.”

“Jean, a few days ago I caught you lying to me. I asked if you have been a bad girl, and you said yes. I asked if that had been the only time, and you said no. I asked if it was time for you to be spanked, and you nodded.” I said as I finished tying your wrists. I continued, “I asked you at that time to make me a list of all the reasons that you have been a bad girl. I told you not to make any plans for Saturday, today, because you were going to be punished.” 

Jean was kneeling on the foam pads of my weight machine.  Her toes were touching the carpet. I wrapped a necktie around the 1 x 2 steel channel between her knees. I wrapped each leg with the necktie, and tied them tight behind her knees securing her legs. She was bent over and lying on a pillow placed on top of the padded seat. Her bottom was high in the air. A necktie secured her waist close to the top of the machine. Her forearms were tied to the bars perpendicular to her body just above her head.

I walked to our bedroom closet, retrieved my new toys, and returned to Jean’s cotton covered bottom. I showed her the two-foot long leather strap I had cut, folded, glued, and oiled from my leather belt. I showed her the lacquered and waxed, round, eight inch wide, three eights inch thick black plywood paddle I had made for her bottom.

“Jean you have written down eight reasons why you have been a bad girl on this list. You have been spanked for three of them during your last punishment. I’ll save those three for the strap. You have nothing to worry about while your panties are up. Your punishment will be applied to your bare bottom, and I’m not going to waist my time using my hand.” I said reading the first offense on the list.

I stated the first offense, picked up the black paddle, stepped behind her, and pulled down her panties. I started in the middle and in a spiral pattern paddled every inch of her bottom. Without a word I brought the paddle down again centered on her bottom, and in a spiral paddled every inch of her bottom again.

I read the second offense. I brought the paddle down hard in the middle of each cheek three times.

I read the third offense and said, “Three more times in the middle of each cheek.”  Jean allowed herself a controlled, “Ow” after each stroke.

I pulled her panties back up, kissed her forehead, and said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  I returned with a wet washcloth, pulled her hair back from her face, and wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. I held the washcloth over Jean’s nose and had her clear her nose several times.

“Jean, I’m going to combine five and six because they are nearly the same offense.” I stated and continued, “You will be given six very hard strokes of the paddle. The first two will be just above each thigh. The second two will be dead center of each cheek, and the last two will be just below your waist high on your bottom. You will count each stroke and say, “I’ve been a bad girl. I’ll be a good girl from now on.”  If you forget the count or what to say, we’ll start again from the beginning.”

Jean barely eked out six and her promise to be a good girl when I pulled her panties over her bottom. I let her sob for nearly five minutes before I wiped her face and eyes with a cold washcloth. I held the cloth over her nose, and she cleared several times. Twenty minutes later she had finally calmed down.

“Jean, it took almost thirty minutes for you to recover from your last spanking. The last three offenses on your list deserve the strap. Do you want to wait until tomorrow for your punishment?” I asked. 

Jean looked over her shoulder and shot back, “I wrote the list. I know what I deserve. Are you going to finish this?”

Several minutes later I walked back into the room, kissed Jean on the forehead, and said, “I’m going to finish this.” I pulled her panties down to her knees, picked up the strap, brought it high above my head, and down hard across her bottom. Jean yelped. I read offense number six, and brought the strap down five more times. Jean had six one inch wide welts on her bottom evenly spaced from the top of her thighs to the bottom of her waist.

I put down the strap, picked up the paper, and read offense number seven. “Jean this is the third time that we’ve talked about this. You will count each stroke of the strap, and say ‘I’ll be a good girl.’ I brought the strap down on top of the six welts across her bottom. Each turned a deeper red, and rose farther from her bottom. Jean could barely say, “Six. I’ll be a good girl.” I put down the strap. Pulled up her panties, and wiped her face and nose with a cold wash cloth.

Several minutes later I returned to the room. Jean had stopped sobbing. I wiped her face again, and sat down next to her. “Jean the last offense is the worst one of all. It’s last because you knew your bottom wouldn’t be able to take anymore when I was done. I was going to cut several thick switches from the back yard, but I decided your bottom couldn’t take it. You’ll receive ten continuous strokes of the strap. You will know when I’m done.” I stated.

I stood to Jean’s left side and laid down four diagonal welts across her bottom. I moved to her right side and laid down four more diagonal welts making multiple Xs across her bottom. I raised the strap above my head, and brought it down hard in the crack of her ass. The end of the strap crushed her bare pussy a quarter of an inch. While she screamed, I brought the strap down again. I punished Jean many, many times. The second scream was her last.

I wiped her face with a cold washcloth, and untied her arms. She was vertical when I untied her knees wiping her face again. I helped her to her feet. She started rubbing her bottom vigorously with both hands as she ran toward the wall. After a few minutes I said, “Jean, go in our bedroom so you can see your bottom in the mirror. Then I want you to put the paddles away and get out the enema bag. Now it’s my turn.”  

Thank you...D

And here's the story:

It's 3:20 and I've just gotten home from school.  Well, not exactly.  I was suspended for 3 days for smoking.  I'm pretending I'm going to school because I don't want to tell my new Governess, Ms. Mary.  My parents are away for most of the year and left her in charge.  When she first arrived, she explained to me that she was very strict and that any disobedience would result in my bottom being punished.  I am too old to be spanked (I'm 17!), and I didn't really think she'd do it.  That is until I got caught smoking in the backyard.  She saw me and my friend James doing it. She didn't say anything at first, but when she came in my room that night to make sure I was going to bed, she told me what she saw and spanked me over my pajama bottoms.  It didn't hurt a lot, but I hadn't been spanked since I was a child, so it was very humiliating.  When she was done, she showed me her implement chest.  Paddles, canes, hairbrushes, etc.  She promised me that if I were caught smoking again I'd get the cane on my bare bottom.  I didn't really believe she'd actually go that far, but I don't intend to find out!

Anyway, I forged her signature on the school suspension letter, and I've been spending my days at the mall.  It gets kind of boring, actually!

It's the last day of my suspension.  When I arrive home, Ms. Mary is standing in the foyer.  She is holding a letter and looks really peeved.  My stomach starts twisting....

"David, do you know what this?"

"No Ma'am, what is it?" I say totally innocently.

"It's a letter from your school.  It says something about you being suspended from school the last 3 days for smoking."

I swallow hard.  I'm caught, so there's no sense in trying to hide anything.  "Yes Ma'am, I did get suspended from school."

Ms. Mary approaches me quickly and pulls me by the ear to her bedroom, with me apologizing profusely the whole way.  Taking a seat on her desk chair, she orders me to strip to my boxers.  I do as I'm told.

"Now, young man, you have lied to me, you have disobeyed me, and you have gotten into big trouble at school.  Do you know how much trouble you are in?"

I don't know how to answer that.  I don't really know how much trouble I am in.  "I know I've been very bad, Ma'am, and I deserve to be punished....what are you going to do?"

Ms. Mary smiles and motions for me to approach her.  She pulls me over her knee and begins rubbing my bottom over my boxers.

"David, you are going to learn today just how tough I am.  I will not tolerate this sort of behavior from my charge.  We are going to make sure that you won't even consider disobeying me again."

I am getting really nervous.  What is she going to do to me?

"Please Ma'am, I'm really really sorry!"

"No, you aren't.  But you will be by the time I am through with you.  You are going to be punished severely, young man.  I suspect that you will crying profusely in short order.  And I don't suspect that you will be sitting for the rest of the week."

With that, Ma'am begins spanking me over my boxer shorts.  It hurts a lot, and I'm wondering if she is going to pull them down.  It just doesn't seem right that she would bare my bottom like that.  I'm almost a grown man!

I begin whining as the pain increases.  Just when I think I can't take anymore, Ma'am pulls my boxers down just enough to expose my bottom.  I let out a gasp at the shock and embarrassment.  She begins spanking me again on my bare skin.  She spanks me for what seems like forever, and by the end I am thoroughly exhausted.

"Stand up and put your hands on your head."  I do as instructed, standing before her with my boxers still on, put pulled down in the back to expose my buttocks.

Ms. Mary reaches into her chest and pulls out a hairbrush.  Gulp!  She sits down in front of me again and looks me in the face.

"You aren't going to need these anymore!"  she says as she pulls my boxers down to my ankles in a swift motion.

"Ma'am, No!" I say, as I reach down to cover my privates.

"Get your hands back on your head, young man!" Ms. Mary says very firmly.

"But Ma'am! I..I..."  Ms. Mary grabs my hands and puts them back on my head herself.  Sitting back down in front of me, I feel myself turn red as she is staring directly at my genitals.

"Naughty boys don't get any privacy while they are being punished.  Besides, you will be in way too much pain in a minute to be worried about being embarrassed.  Now get back over my knee."

I begin to cry.  I can't believe what is happening!  I walk over to Ms. Mary, and obediently lay over her knees, my boxers still around my ankles.  She begins spanking me hard, and I am immediately in full-throated distress: "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'ammmmm pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeasseeeeeeeeeeee! It hurts!  owwwwwwwwww!"  But the spanking doesn't stop. I begin kicking and bucking, but Ms. Mary pins my legs under hers.  All I can do now is scream and cry, which I am surely doing.

"If you act like a child, you are punished like a child.  Your bottom is going to be so sore when I am done with you!  You can cry all you want but it's not going to stop me from punishing you until I am sure you won't repeat this behavior!"

My bottom feels like it is on fire. Each strike hurts more than the last.  By time she is finished, I am blubbering like a baby and covered in sweat.  When it finally stops, I open my eyes and see that the floor is covered in my tears and drool.  I can't believe she really punished me like this!

"Stand up, hands on your head."  I am not going protest anymore.  I do as instructed.   I feel so embarrassed standing in front of her, completely exposed, still crying.  I look down at the floor to avert her gaze.

"Look at me!"  I do so immediately.  "That was just the first part of your punishment.  Get on your hands and knees on the bed."  She reaches down and motions for me to step out of my boxer shorts.  I comply and walk over to the bed.  I get on my hands and knees, rounding my back so as to protect my privates.  I look back and see Ms. Mary standing behind me with a long wooden cane.  She is really going to cane my bare bottom!  I begin to cry again.  "Oh nooooooo!"

"That will not do at all," Ms. Mary says as she pushes my lower back down.  "I want your bottom out, presented for the cane."  The new position, I realize, has exposed my bottom hole to Ma'am.  I reach back and cover it.

"Ma'am, no!  You can't see that! Please!" I say through my sobs.

Ms. Mary is standing with her hands on her hips.  She looks very annoyed.

"You have a lot to learn about what I can and can't do, young man.  And one thing I can definitely do is see your bottom hole.  I think we will deal with little situation right now."

She slaps my hand and I pull it away, exposing myself to her again.  I can't believe she is seeing even my most private parts!

Ms. Mary grabs me by the back of my hair and pushes my head down.  "Get your head down and your bottom up."  What is she going to do?  I can hardly stand the embarrassment!  I do as I am told and find myself with my bottom up, my cheeks stretched, exposing myself completely.  I am openly sobbing from the embarrassment.  "Young man, you need to understand that there is no modesty for naughty boys.  I can and will see every part of you when you are naughty.  You will only get privacy and modesty if you earn them through good behavior.  Now, reach back and spread your cheeks wide for me."

I hesitate.  I can't believe what she is asking!

"Now! You heard me!  You are already getting a hard caning.  Do you want to be caned bloody?"

"No Ma'am!"  I reach back and pull my cheeks apart.  I can feel my hole open up.  She is now staring inside me.  I am in complete disbelief at my predicament.

"Wider!"  I pull as hard as I can.

"This is what happens to naughty boys!  They end up with their punished bottoms up in the air with their cheeks spread!  How do you feel?"

"Very embarrassed, Ma'am!" I say through my sobs.

Good!  You deserve to be embarrassed, just like you deserve to have your bottom caned.  You should be even more embarrassed by your behavior."
"I am so so sorry Ma'am!"  I mean it.  I am sorry.

"I know you are.  But you will be even sorrier in a minute.  Now get back into your punishment position.  Hands and knees, bottom presented."

I somberly obey, pulling myself back up on my hands.  I am still crying, but just sniffling now.  My face is stained with tears and my eyes are itchy.

"You are going to learn just how strict I am.  I suspect you have never been caned before.  Am I correct?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I say meekly.  She is pacing behind me, holding her long cane.

"Well, it will hurt a lot.  And you deserve it.  I've chosen my longest cane, and I intend to bring it down on your bottom hard.  Each stroke will welt your skin and may even break it.  You are going to get at least 12 strokes.  How many depends on you."

Omigod, omigod, omigod!  12?!  What did she mean by at least 12???  Should I ask or will that make her angrier?

"I am going to be very tough on you during this caning, David.   You need strict discipline, and I intend to give it you.  You are to stay in proper position during the caning.  No clenching and do not round your back!  Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Good.  Because if you do, the strokes will not count.  Likewise if you rub without my permission.  And if you come out of position completely, you will get one added.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!"  My stomach is in knots.  How hard will it be to stay in position?  How much will this hurt?  What if I can't obey and I round my back?  How many will she give me?

Ms. Mary rests the cane on my bottom.  It feels light, and I begin to wonder if it will really hurt as much as she says.

Ms. Mary raises the cane.  "You are not to smoke again while you are under my care, do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!"  The cane comes down right on the center of my bottom.  It feels like a knife, and fire radiates out from the center of the blow.  I immediately scream out "Owwwwwww!" and come out of position, reaching my hands behind me to rub the stinging skin on my bottom.  The rubbing alleviates the pain immensely, but I quickly remember what Ms. Mary said...

"Get back into position!  Do you remember what I said just a few seconds ago?"

I quickly get back into position, bottom out.  I am fully sobbing at the realization of the pain I am in and the even greater pain I am about to be in.

"That one didn't count.  And I'll give you a warning because that was your first stroke, but if you come out of position like that again, the stroke will not count AND you will have a stroke added."  she approaches me and pulls my head up by hair, forcing me to look into her eyes.  "I want to make sure you understand this, because I will cane you raw if I have to.  You WILL obey me."

"Yes Ma'am, I will!"  I can't believe what is happening!  I will never smoke again let alone lie to Ms. Mary, I think to myself.

The cane is rested on my bottom again.  Before I can prepare myself, Ms. Mary has swung it up and down and I am again feeling the intense sting.  It hurts so much!  I let out another scream, but stay in position.  Before I can recover fully, I feel the cane resting on my bottom again.  Please wait, I think....

Whack!  I begin to beg: "Ma'am pleeeeassssseeeeee...." followed by loud sobs.  I am no longer concerned about crying.  It hurts too much for that.

Ms. Mary waits about 20 seconds until I calm down.  She brings the cane down on my bottom 3 times over the following 15 seconds, giving me just a few seconds in between strokes to absorb the sting.  My bottom feels like it is being filleted.  I know there's no point in begging, but I can't help it.  The promises of good behavior and the "I'm sorrys" are coming out of my mouth at breakneck speed.  The bed is covered in my tears.

"You will NEVER lie to me, is that clear, young man?"

"Yes Ma'am!" I shout.  "Never again! I promiseeeeeeeeee!"  The cane suddenly comes down on my bottom hard, and I gasp at the pain.  Before I know it, it has come down again and then again, all within about 2 seconds.  The last two strokes hit the same spot, and I howl in pain and round my back.  I just couldn't help it.  I immediately push my bottom out again and scream "I'm sorry, Ma'am, pleeeeasseee don't give me an extra stroke!!!!"

"You will take all 3 strokes again, David, right now."  I begin to shout "No Ma'am, I can't...." but the cane is already coming down on my poor, poor bottom.  I stay in position for the 3 strokes, which come as quickly as the last 3.

"That was 9.  You have 3 more coming.  They will be delivered extra hard."

I fall to my elbows, placing my face in my hands because I am sobbing so hard.  I feel the cane rest on my bottom again and I brace myself.  I WILL not come out of position...

"You may rub your bottom after this one, David, but you may not come out of position.  You may rest your head on the bed and reach back with your hands, but your bottom is to remain presented."

The cane comes down harder than ever, and I yelp and reach back immediately.  My head falls to the bed and my bottom juts out further.  I reach back and rub vigorous, fully aware that Ms. Mary is watching as I rub my cheeks back and forth. I feel embarrassed, but I am in too much pain to care what she is seeing.

"That's enough!  Back into position!"  I obey immediately.

The cane comes down twice more, both times harder than ever.  I cry and howl, but I stay in position.  After the last stroke, Ms. Mary begins rubbing my bottom for me.  It feels good.

"Your bottom is nice and striped,"  She says as she rubs each cheek with one hand.  "You have taken quite a punishment, David.  But you deserved it."

"Yes Ma'am, I did!  Thank you for punishing me!"  I am sniffling but no longer sobbing.

"Now that's more like it!  You will realize one day that this for your own good.  Smoking and lying are bad habits that you must be broken of when you are young.  I will do my best to make sure that you leave this house a good and upright young man."

"Yes Ma'am."  Her reasoning is solid...

"Now, you may lay down, but stay on the bed."  Ms. Mary leaves the room.  I feel utterly punished by her.  I will never disobey her again, I think.  When she returns, she holding ointment.  She climbs onto the bed and pulls me over her knee.  I am like putty in her hands.  She places the ointment on my bottom and rubs it.  It stings a bit but feels sort of good.

"Now, I think I have made it clear to you just how strict I am.  You do understand that now, don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am," I say weakly because I am so exhausted.

"You will learn over the next year, while I am here, that I am very quick to bare your bottom for punishment.  And should you get caught smoking or lying again...well, you get will get DOUBLE the cane strokes.  Do not test me.  I am not afraid to cane your bottom raw."

I believe her.  I will not test her, I think to myself....


What Hot Spanking Story. 
You are naughty 'D'.  
You'll get what you deserve :)

Life with my new stepmom, Marybeth, is about to get very interesting. She married Dad about
6 months ago. Now he’s been called away on an important work-thing for like 6 months, and
he left her in charge of me. Last night she grounded me for a week for coming home past my
curfew! Not only that, but she threatened to “whip me on bare bottom until I was very sorry”
if I did anything else during my grounding, even though I’m practically 18! I have to admit, I
am a bit curious about being spanked by her. I’ve never been spanked or whipped or punished
like that at all, but I think want to. I watch spanking movies on the internet all the time. I love
watching girls getting punished. I had never really thought about what it would be like to be the
one getting punished, but since Marybeth’s threat I’ve been totally obsessing about it.

Marybeth told me to go to my room after dinner and do my homework because I’m grounded.
No TV, no internet unless it’s school related, and no phone. Yea right! What’s the worst she
could do, spank me? Lol. I’ve decided to watch some spanking movies tonight, since I’m
grounded anyways. I’m pretty sure she’s going to check up on me later, so I better do this before
that. While I do want to get spanked, I don’t want her to find out I like spanking porn!

I subscribe to this new site where girls get caned. I love caning, though I doubt I’d want to
experience it myself! It’s pretty extreme stuff (the site is called hardcaning, lol!). I just want
a plain old bare bottom spanking, and maybe a light whipping. I’ve been thinking a lot about
Marybeth stripping me naked and putting me over her knee. I really like the idea of her turning
my ass red.

Anyway…I sit down on my desk chair, put my headphones on so only I can hear the caning. I
pull my boxers down to my knees and then, cock in hand, start clicking away. I download a
caning video and start whacking. The story is kinda stupid. The girl pretended to be sick, so
her mother took her temperature. When she figures out she’s not sick, the mother gets a cane
and tells her she is going to be caned 50 times! A bit harsh just for playing hooky if you ask
me! I’m getting really excited watching the video. The mother canes the girl while she’s on
her elbows and knees with her butt in the air. Her vagina and butthole are fully visible as mom
begins the caning. Each stroke leaves a deep red mark that I find really sexy. The girl is quickly
screaming in pain. Mom makes her stay in position so her butt cheeks are spread the whole time.
By the time she gets to 20, each cheek is covered in cane marks. My cock is swelling as camera
gets a close-up of the girl’s spread ass. Her butthole is framed by deep red cane marks and she
is screaming loudly. Suddenly I can’t help but think I forgot to lock the door. I turn around to

Marybeth is standing right there! My life flashes before my eyes. I quickly try to close my
computer, but…

“Don’t you move a muscle, young man!” She yells. My face turns deep red as I cover my cock
with my hands.

“Put your hands on the table and don’t move them, David,” She says forcefully. I do as


“What is this you are watching?”

“It’s just a porno movie, Ma’am.” I call her Ma’am when I am in trouble, because it’s extra

“It’s more than just that. Turn it on. I only saw about 30 seconds of it and I want to see the
whole thing.”

“Please Ma’am, don’t watch it!” I plead. This is too embarrassing. And she won’t even let me
put myself away!

Marybeth takes the mouse and restarts the movie herself. She watches calmly as the girl gets
25 strokes with her butt in the air. Then the mother makes the girl lean over the arm of a couch
with her legs pulled over her. She gets the next 25 like that. By the end of the movie, the girl’s
ass is totally raw. There’s barely any skin left it looks like, and she’s crying like a baby. I
look up at Marybeth to see how angry she is. She looks like she’s smirking a bit. I don’t know
what to make of that. Marybeth pauses the video at the end. The video stops on a shot that is
particularly raunchy. The camera is really close and shows a detailed view of the girl’s privates
and butthole, surrounded by terrible looking red marks across her whole bottom and upper legs.
I’m totally mortified. I just look down at my lap. My cock is no longer hard and is resting
between my legs.

“Weren’t you supposed to be doing your homework, David?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I can’t bear to look at her.

“Look at me, young man,” she says firmly but rather calmly. My eyes meet hers. Pure torture.

“And didn’t I tell you no internet unless it was for school?”

“Yes, you did Ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“It’s a little late for that. It’s an interesting coincidence that you are watching spanking
pornography. What did I tell you would happen if you got in trouble again?” She asks, smirking
again. Looks like I’m going to get my wish. I just wish it hadn’t happened like this!

“You said you’d spank me.” I can feel my cock getting hard again. This situation is
embarrassing, but I’m a bit excited.

“Yes, I did. And whip you, too. On your bare bottom, of course.” Hearing her say “bare
bottom” makes my cock swell. I am now fully erect again.

“So you think it’s acceptable to watch this sort of thing in my house, at your age?”

“Um….I don’t know Ma’am.”

“You like to watch girl’s getting caned like that?”

“This was my first time watching this sort of thing.” I lie.

“Really? So let’s check your history and see if that’s the case.” She begins moving my mouse.

“I was lying Ma’am! I’m sorry, I was just so embarrassed!”

“I see. OK, well, you are already in a lot of trouble. I know you’ve never been spanked before.
That’s going to change tonight. Anymore lying and I’ll get my wooden paddle. “

I swallow hard. “Yes, Ma’am, I won’t lie again!”

“So tell me, do you enjoy watching girls’ get caned like that?”

“I guess I do Ma’am.”

“What is it you like about it?”

“I don’t know. I guess I like to see their butts turn red and to see them crying.”

“I see. And how do you think that girl feels with her butt on display like that?”

“Embarrassed, Ma’am.”

“And how do you think it feels to be caned like that?”

“It would hurt Ma’am.”

“How do you think you would feel if I made you stick your butt in the air like that?”

“Really embarrassed.”

“And what if I caned you until you were crying? Would you like that?”

“No, of course not Ma’am!” I say assertively. My cock is raging hard. I wonder if she can see

“Are you a little bit curious, David, what it would be like?”

“Ma’am?” What does she mean?

“I can see you are excited. I know you’ve never had discipline in your life. Your father told me.
I think you really need it.”

“Ummmmm…” I don’t know what to say! I begin to look down but she pulls me up by my chin
to keep eye contact.

“Tell me the truth, young man. Aren’t you a little bit curious what it will be like to have me
punish you?”

“I guess I am. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want.”

“That’s ok. Mommy is going to show you. I think you need tough discipline for awhile, and
I’m going to give it you over the next 6 months. Now stand up and take your boxer shorts off.
You’ve been bad and are going to be punished.” I do as instructed, and find myself standing
before her fully naked. I realize that my cock is still hard. I am a bit excited to be spanked,
though I’m also pretty scared.

“I am your Mommy now, David. And I will not tolerate this behavior. You are grounded and
you were sent to your room to do your homework. And I find you watching smut. I am going
to give you a taste of what that girl in video went through. Get on your elbows and knees on the
bed. I want your bottom pushed out just like the girl in the video.”

I swallow hard. I get on the bed on my hands and knees and look back at Marybeth. She looks
annoyed even though I give her my best puppy dog eyes. “On your elbows, bottom out!” she

I fall to my elbows and immediately feel cool air across the inside of my bottom as my cheeks
spread. I blush from the utter humiliation.

“How does this feel, to have Mommy looking at your bottom while it’s up in the air?” She says
as she pulls on each cheek, spreading my bottom further.

“Embarrassing, Ma’am!” I can’t believe what’s happening! She can see everything.

“Good. You deserve to be embarrassed.” She is holding my cheeks apart, pulling my butthole
open as she looks down at it.

“Do you like having me look at your bottom hole like this?” I can barely speak I’m so mortified.
I just moan.

“You better start answering my questions or you will be in even bigger trouble!”

“No Ma’am! “ I’m almost crying.

“But you like looking at girls in this position, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I say meekly.

“You like girl’s bottom holes, don’t you, David?”

“Yes.” I begin to cry a little bit. Even more humiliating. But my cock is harder than ever for
some reason.

“What do you want to do when you see a girl’s bottom hole in one of those videos?”

“Um….touch it I guess.”

“I see. With your finger?” She begins to rub my butthole with her index finger. I gasp. It feels

“Yes Ma’am,” I say through some tears. “I’m sorry, I’ve learned my lesson! This is so

“You haven’t learned your lesson by a longshot, young man. Now, I want you to begin to
masturbate. “

“Ma’am?!” I say as l look back at her. She must be joking.

“You are to masturbate while you are being punished. This punishment is as much about making
you embarrassed as anything. Now I want you to keep yourself hard, but you are not to cum, do
you understand me?”

“Um, yes, Ma’am.” I say meekly as I take my already hard cock in my hands. I must admit I am
feeling a bit excited by this situation even though I also feel mortified.

“If you cum, I will get my cane and you will be the sorriest boy in the state,” she says very
firmly. “Your bottom will look like the girl’s in the video.” I didn’t even know she had a cane.

“You wouldn’t really do that, would you, Ma’am?” The threat made my cock swell. What is
going on? I think I want her to cane me. I want to know more.

“Oh yes, I would. I am not afraid to give you 50 strokes with the cane, or even more, if you
deserve it. You deserve it already, but since I know this is the first time you’ve been punished
like this, I’m going to go easy on you. You are going to get a spanking and a whipping. It’s
going to hurt a lot, but it will be nothing compared to what you will get if you cum.”

“OK, OK Ma’am, I won’t cum.” I begin to masturbate slowly and carefully, my bottom turned
high for her punishment.

She begins to spank me with her hand. It hurts a lot. It’s very uncomfortable with my bottom
stretched so tight. I continue to pull at my cock as she slaps my ass again and again. It hurts
terribly, but my cock is begging for more. I feel humiliated and ashamed…and yet I almost
don’t want her to stop.

“And another thing, David,” she says as she continues to spank me. I don’t ever want to see you
looking at this smut again. Is that understood?”

“ohhhhhh, yes, Ma’aaaam!” I say as the pain is becoming more intense. I start to pull my bottom

“Get that bottom up!” she yells. I begin to cry a bit more. The spanking continues. I begin to
moan after each slap.

“ooooooo, Mommy, I’m sorry! It hurts!”

“I know it hurts! You’ve been a bad boy. This is what Mommy does to bad boys.”

I am crying loudly by the time she stops. I can’t believe how much that hurt! My erection
started to wane towards the end as the pain got intense, but it never really went away. I
desperately want to cum. Still in position, I reach back and feel my bottom. It is hot.

“How did that feel?”

“It hurt, Ma’am,” I say through my tears. “A lot.”

Marybeth smiles. “I know it did. But you needed it, didn’t you?”

“I guess I did, Ma’am.”

“I’m doing this because I love you like my son. You are my son now. And I want to give you
what you need.”

“Um, thank you, Ma’am,” I say as I swallow. Is she done?

“Now get on your loveseat, legs pulled back like the girl in the video. And I want you to keep

I guess she’s not done.

I do as I am told, pulling my legs back over my head. I look over and see her doubling up one
of my belts. She approaches me and looks down at my bottom. My legs are spread , and my
testicles are jutting out a bit. She pushes them down to my great surprise. I gasp. I’ve never had
a woman touch my testicles before. They are still jutting out, and I realize she is worried about
hitting them.

“You may cover your testicles. I don’t want to hit them.”

I cup them in my hand, my fingers reaching down to my butthole so as to protect all of my
most sensitive parts. But she pulls my hand down, exposing my butthole and most of the skin
between it and my testicles.

“Nope, you don’t get to cover all that. That’s part of the punishment. Unfortunately for you,
I think being whipped in this position means that your poor little butthole is going to get a

whipping, too. I don’t care how much it hurts. You are going to take 50 strokes with the belt
straight across the center of your ass.”

I want it. I let go and accept that I do. Before I know it, I’ve blurted out: “Yes, Ma’am, I do
deserve it. Please whip me!”

Marybeth smiles broadly. “I could tell you wanted it, David, because your penis is so hard. And
I want to do it you, too. I’m going to enjoy this, though I suspect you won’t enjoy it for long.
It’s going to hurt. But I want you to know that I’m doing this because you really need it and I
love you.”

She pulls the belt high above her head. “You are to continue masturbating. Do not stop and
DO NOT cum. The belt comes down across the center of my spread ass. The leather hits both
cheeks but not the skin between. She whips me again and again. On the fifth stroke the belt hits
my butthole. I howl in pain, but can’t clench at all because of the position I am in.

By the tenth stroke, I am begging for her to stop or at least slow down. She ignores my cries.
The belt comes down again and again, every few strokes hitting the sensitive skin between my
cheeks. I lose my erection after the 15th stroke. Marybeth stops.

“I want you to get hard again,” she tells me. I pull at my cock but it’s not working.

“Looks like I’m going to have to help,” she says. She puts her finger in her mouth and wets
it, and then reaches down towards my butthole. She rubs it up and down, making me gasp
and moan. I can’t believe what is happening. My cock starts to get hard. She pushes into my
butthole, piercing my rectum. I let out a moan as her finger enters me. I am rock hard again.
Before I know it, the belt is coming down again and again on my sore bottom. When my
erection starts to wane, Marybeth brings it back quickly by pushing on my rectum. It’s like a
button for a hard-on.

By the time she gets to 45, I don’t think I can stand it anymore. I am screaming in pain. The last
5 strokes make me cry out “Mommmmiiieeee pleassseeeeeee” as I begin sobbing. She is finally

Rubbing my forehead, Marybeth gently shushes me. “It’s ok. It’s over.” I stop crying after a

“Now, you are going to cum in front of me. I’m making you do this because I want you to be
embarrassed by what you did.”

“I am Ma’am. I’ll never do it again.”

“Good. Now go ahead and begin. Do not cum until I say so.”

She is holding my legs back over my body as I pull at my cock. Looking me in the eyes, she

reaches down with one hand and presses on my rectum. My cock swells. I slow down so I don’t
cum. She begins to speak, telling me about what will happen the next time I get caught:

“If I see you looking at that smut again, so help me, you’ll get at least 50 strokes with the cane.
I’ll even go buy a long cane like the one in the movie so that it will hurt just as much.”

“I don’t think I could take it, Ma’am!” I want to find out more about this caning she has in mind.

“Let me make this clear to you, young man. If I catch you again looking at that smut, I will
give you 50 strokes on your bottom just like the girl in the video. Only I’ll be a much tougher
Mommy. You’ll have to keep your bottom out or you will get extra strokes. And if you can’t
take it, which you probably won’t be able to, I’ll take you into your father’s study and tie you up
over his ottoman. Then I’ll start over. By the time I done, your bottom will be totally raw and
you’ll be crying your eyes out.”

I swallow hard. I can’t believe she would really do that to me! I feel a deep swell of
excitement. I wonder what it would feel like, and what my butt would look like afterwards. I
wonder how much I would cry.

I imagine my ass in the air over the ottoman, my legs on either side, tied to the ottoman legs, so
that I am straddling it. My cock and balls would be hanging down, and my butt would be open
wide for her to see. She’d have given me 60 or 70 strokes already. I’d be sweating like crazy,
sobbing like a baby and begging for her to stop. She’d be looking down at my ass caned raw, the
marks melting into one another so that my entire ass was simply a red pulp.

I suddenly realize I am about to cum! Thankfully, just then, Marybeth says “Now cum for me,
my sweet little boy.” I explode.


Thank you joey. 20 Good SWATS for you.
I’ve been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember. Always its been the maternal disciplinary figure at the center of my fantasies.
I used to have this neighbor lady who lived next door. I always fantasized that she was my friend and would that we would have morning coffee together at the start always at her place. Then at mine, and one day at my house during coffee she goes to my bathroom, and comes back carrying a spanking magazine that I left out! I’ve been caught.
Of course while she is intrigued its still a dirty mag, tsk, tsk.
The next day, at her place of course she brings it up and enjoys my embarrassment.
"So getting spanked turns you on?"............. God I want to avoid that question,
"answer me,.................... "yes"......chuckle,
"So you read your dirty books in your bathroom and masturbate about getting your bottom spanked then, is that it?"..
"yes maam"........"no wonder your place is so messy,
"You really need to get your priorities taken care of, blah, blah, blah, and so on. Almost being bossy, but not quite, she's obviously enjoying the lecturing and unless I'm mistaken is feeding off my uncomfortableness finally ending with I'll come over for coffee tomorrow.
The next day no knock, she just opens the door and comes in. Unusually dressed up for coffee, heels hose and a skirt just above the knee. Wow. Confidently sits down and crosses her legs, almost angrily she says,
"well, I see you really knocked this place out."
"I just got up,.... I wasn't expecting you so early."
"You know I'm kind of angry at you!".......
"I thought we were friends."
"We are!"
"oh are we?"
"And all this time you're keeping this secret from me, after all the things I've told you." "You know I've raised 3 kids!"
 "you could have just asked me!"
gulp............sheepishly..."asked you what?"
"To spank you!"
she waves her hand and cuts me off. "Instead of leaving out that rag for me to find!"......
wait a min,.."I,..I didn't leave that out on purpose!" I say, setting her cup of coffee on the table in front of her.
Glaring at me, she starts drumming her fingernails on the table tk,tk,tk,,tk,,tk,tk........she points her finger and and without a word crooks it towards her face 3 times ordering me to her. my eyebrows arch, I'm snared, my heart starts beating faster........
"We're going to have a little talk young man and I want your full attention!" she says and reaches up and grabs the snap of my pants. my hands go to hers.
"put your hands at your sides" The tone is icy and powerful, as she swats my hands away from interfering. pop, zipppppp, and with deliberate slowness she strips me from the waist down."
"Don't you dare move a muscle." She gets up, goes to the door and locks it. I'm standing there feeling the cool air on my exposed bottom, heart ready to leap out of my chest.
 "Where's the stash young man!"
"I know you've got way more than what you left out for me."............uhhhh......................uh.......
"your not making things any easier for yourself."..................
I'm frozen, I know she knows..............."I'll get them" and I step toward the bedroom. she walks right to me and grabs me by the arm,
"I told you to stay still!" I'm taken right to the corner waddling with my pants bunched around my ankles and chided by her with a
"march it mister!" "I want to see all the magazines you have like the one you gave me. That wasn’t the only one?" I didn’t want her to see everything in that collection and thought about lying, but I didn’t dare. "Your nose stays in that corner. I want to see how messy the house is anyway so I’ll get them. Where are they?"
"B-But..." I sputtered in panic, SWAT...I quickly told her. She found out I was a lot messier and much naughtier than she already knew!
Standing in a corner distorts time, it seemed like she was gone for hours before I heard her walk back into the kitchen and say, "Young man! You have some explaining to do!! I blushed beet red when he saw her holding the stack of spanking magazines and the thermometer was on top. "I know what you do with these, as she set the magazines down on the table, but what is this for I wonder? she said as she began to shake the thermometer. "I suppose we better make sure you're not too sick to get your bare bottom spanked," she said and called me to her. "get over here." she was shaking her head almost in disgust as I waddled back to where she had sat down. She reached up grabbing my hand and turned me over her knees. As she inserted the thermometer she said, ""I think a good spanking is a perfect way of putting this behind us." You will admit your guilt, accept your punishment, & never lie to me again. Then we can put this matter behind us, once & for all. Do you agree?" she asked, "yes Maam I reply, burning with shame. then delivered a blistering lecture about trust and friendship. Out came the thermometer, "stand up!" she sat up in her chair pointing her finger at me and said, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" I could only say, "I'm sorry." "You should be. & you will be." She vowed, & I knew she wasn't kidding. I felt guilty as hell and, strangely, almost grateful for what I knew I was going to get_ a very, very real discipline spanking!
I know you have a paddle in here somewhere go and get it. She saw that I was about to protest, and stood to confront me. As my mouth started to open, she raised her right hand and shook her finger slowly back and forth, saying, "No, no, my boy. Don't say a word, unless you want it to go much harder with you." She finished, "You deserve to have your bare bottom spanked until you can't sit down, and that's exactly what I intend to do. You know you need it, and you know that I'm the one to give it to you, so just do as you're told." With my pants and underwear still tangled about his ankles, I went to fetch the paddle I knew the one and it was going to be awful. as she held out her hand for it, "Come get over my knees. It's time you got your first real spanking."
With a look of extreme discomfort, I finally obey, placing myself across her lap. She settles my weight in place, shifting her legs to find the right balance. Then, laying her left arm across my back, she says, Now why are you over my knees? "Maam?" I say. "Confess," she commands "I want to get spanked," I whisper. "No!" she said. "You've wanted me to spank you for a long time, haven't you!" "yes Maam" Why didn't you say so?"..............."answer me." "I don't know, I..I was ashamed I guess", I said. Well you certainly should be." she says. "All you had to do was ask!" "Since you like spanking so much, I will employ regular discipline to help you behave; a session or two each week across my knees with this paddle stinging your bare bottom should provide the required incentive, don't you think?" I realized instantly I was in over my head, too late! She raised the paddle and smacked my bare bottom with a sharp swat. "Owww!" I yelp, "That hurts!" "You bet it hurts, little man, and from the way you behave you'd better get used to it!" she warned. For the next few minutes, all that could be heard in the room was my crying and begging, accompanied by the crisp sound of that awful paddle on bare skin. I howled, squirmed and kicked as she spanked me long and hard. She watched my bottom get redder and redder with each swat, my right hand disabled by her left. No scolding was necessary; she had said all that needed to be said, and all that was left was for her to complete my punishment was stinging my naughty bottom as much as possible, to drive her point home.
I was such a mess when she stopped that I just lay over her lap sobbing as hard as I could, promising to behave, & needlessly pleading with her to please stop spanking me.When she stood me up I furiously rubbed my burning bottom. She pointed her finger at me and said "I will spank you every time you need it young man." "You've rubbed long enough now its time for you to go stand in the corner and think about the masturbation spanking you've still got coming to you!"


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