Vintage Clips / Pics

This vintage clip was sent to me. 
It has no spanking scenes but it is very very naughty.
Everyone in this clip deserves a long hard spanking.

This clip is NSFW & is  XXX Adult situations.

"Dressage au Fouet" (Raising with the Whip), a remarkable, rare, purely fetishistic film (not porn) of a mistress disciplining her slave. Made by Jacques Biederer (Ostra Studio), a Paris photographer of high-class erotica. In the '20s & 30s he made elegant (and humorous) "French postcard" type nudes - and incredible fetish pictures (spanking, whipping, S&M, pony play, etc.). Was astonished to discover he also dabbled in stag films. He influenced later artists John Willie, Irving Klaw, et al. (Blooper: You can glimpse a still cameraman on the right side for a second, possibly Biederer himself).


Slaves in Bondage (1937)
A low-budget, exploitation film presented as a cautionary tale about the evils of white slavery prostitution rings operating in America's cities. Directed by Elmer Clifton.
Here is the only noteworthy scene in this talky expose. For the first time in a mainstream film, spanking (and later cat-fighting) is shown as a sexual fetish -- in a brothel no less. The madam shows off her special Oriental room where two lingerie-clad prostitutes playfully grapple and smack each other. The scene also hints at mild masochism (and implied lesbianism) that is quite unique and remarkable for the 1930s